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About the company

Ordersng was established on the principles of customer service and is dedicated to ensuring the timely, efficient, and sustainable delivery of international freight. In the customs brokerage and freight forwarding industry, Ordersng is one of the best freight shipping companies that stands wholly apart from the rest. Our elite teams and partners have the skills and abilities required to help your company succeed in today’s rapidly shifting economic and political climates. Also, we leverage the expertise of our partners in the ocean shipping, airline, customs brokerage, and tech industries to help make expert decisions to optimize freight management and distribution.

Our offices and personnel are uniquely positioned to service our clients locally and are committed to providing the customer service expected of a world-class shipping logistics company.

With Ordersng you can be rest assured that your international shipment is fully taken care of, from origin to final destination.

This is our core philosophy and our framework stands on client hospitality and satisfaction. Every day we work as a family to help and assist our clients to make them succeed in their goals.